WE ARE Located 3 miles from South Coast Plaza

2911 Tech Center Drive Santa Ana, CA 92705 info@jungleboysoc.com (714) 486-3831

In order to enter the facility, all First Time Medical Patients and Renewals must present A California Medical Marijuana recommendation and valid state ID in order to enter the facility. All Returning Patients may bring their valid government issued ID along with a medical card or a copy of their medical recommendation.

Medical recommendations must be present on each visit in order to be let back as a medicinal patient; cannot accept a digital form. All Recreational consumers must bring a valid form of government issued ID and be over 21 years of age. We do not accept broken or cracked ID's. The only acceptable forms of IDENTIFICATION will now be condensed to FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION, PASSPORTS, AND STATE IDENTIFICATION. We DO accept interim or temporary identification along with a government ID.